Mold Testing

What is toxic mold

Molds are microscopic organisms found indoors and outdoors. Molds produce millions of spores that are released into the air and can invade the respiratory system. Mold growths can be seen in a variety of colors whites to orange shades to green and even brownish colors. In order for mold to grow, it needs food sources (such as leaves, wood, paper, or dirt), a source of moisture, and a place to grow. Mold spores grow best on dark, wet surfaces, or humid environmental conditions.

Contact with toxic mold

Sources within your home that may cause mold problems are flooding, leaky roofs, humidifiers, damp basements or crawl spaces, constant plumbing leaks, house plants, steam from cooking, shower/bath steam and leaks, wet clothes and clothes dryers vented indoors. Contact can occur by actually touching the affected area where molds are growing or simply by breathing in the air around. The only way to have peace-of-mind that your home is safe is to test for toxic molds.

Mold dangers

Molds can cause a number of discomforting conditions affecting your health including respiratory problems such as nasal and sinus congestion, watery and red eyes, nose and throat irritation, skin irritation and fevers. Molds also elaborate (produce) mycotoxins which cause cancer. Severe cases can be deadly, especially in infants, children, elderly, people with low immune systems, pregnant women and people who already have respiratory problems. Molds can also produce deadly toxins that may lead to the development of cancer.

Inexpensive and convenient testing

Biosystems Atlanta’s affordable mold and mycotoxin tests can monitor the health of your home. To reduce the cost of onsite sampling, an inexpensive kit is provided to our customers. The initial cost of the mold kit will be applied toward testing fees when you send the exposed dishes to our laboratories. Testing for a typical three-bedroom home usually costs less than $100.00.

All testing is done locally in our labs. A written lab report will alert you if there is a health hazard in your environment.