Quality Management

Providing Quality

At Biosystems America we have a strong commitment to delivering high quality output and recognize this as our first and highest concern for each client served by us by our second motto, “quality without question”

A high priority

An extremely high priority is placed on the quality of our output

[the delivery of our technical support services]. We strongly feel and believe that this priority is higher than any other priority, including profitability and is supported by our CEO and the entire organization.

The quality of our work is insured and assured through the implementation of a strict program of total quality management, i.e., quality assurance at corporate level supplemented by unit quality assurance sub-programs at each of the divisions, units, installations, laboratories, etc. Thus, written quality assurance programs with specific instruction for quality control are rigidly adhered to by all personnel in execution of their functions and responsibilities. This may include a simple log-in to chain-of-custody record-keeping, sample handling, intermediate processing, related preparations, equipment maintenance, procedural protocols, testing, data handling, report preparation and submission. A strict chain-of-custody is maintained for the receipt and disposal of all samples.

Guidelines are also followed to comply with requirements of good clinical practices (GCP), good development practices (GDP), good laboratory practices [GLP] and good manufacturing practices [GMP], wherever and whenever applicable or possible. Thus, individual hand-written and computerized logs are maintained to document all protocols, procedures and technical information.