Code of Ethics

At Biosystems America we employ sound scientific prinicipals in every project assignment and adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines.


Project assignments are accepted for a negotiated fee from any bona fide individual or organization, without consideration to race, religion, national origin, gender, age, handicap, or other non-meritorious factors. Biosystems America and Biosystems, Inc, the parent company, as well as our various units and affiliates are people-oriented organizations who are equal opportunity employers.

Sound scientific principles are employed during the conduct of all studies. Objectivity in scientific and technical assignments is uncompromised. Whenever possible, Good Clinical Practices (GCP), Good Development Practices (GDP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) are followed for our technical work to pass peer and/or regulatory scrutiny. Prior informed consent is obtained from all participants in organoleptic panels and clinical trials. Biosystems believes in experimentation with animals only when no alternatives are available and when a justified research and/or testing program will benefit the society at large. Biosystems practices humane treatment of laboratory animals.

All assignments are accepted on the basis of strict, reciprocal confidentiality at Biosystems. We diligently take all necessary steps to assure that sponsor assignments will remain confidential at all times. Therefore, no information about our sponsors is released to a third party, unless specifically authorized in writing by the sponsor or to comply with the laws of the country we are located in. If necessary, a mutual non-disclosure agreement may be executed with a prospective sponsor to assure confidentiality. In the event of a possible conflict among our sponsors, first-come first-serve policy is followed and assignments from subsequent sponsors with potential conflict of interest are not accepted. Similarly, no conflicting work, including in-house development or manufacturing is done at Biosystems. This applies to all installations, units or affiliates of the Biosystems. Reports are submitted to our sponsors in confidence and we require that no reference to our assignments, on-going work, protocols, methodologies and test results be made without a written approval from Biosystems. Similarly, no mention should be made about our company in any form of promotion, advertising, news releases, or other public announcements without our written authorization.