Serving your needs

We are available and ready to serve you. Quality service is at the very core of our values at Biosystems America, and therefore we work diligently for you.

Biosystems provides expert consultation in

  1. Analytical Services
  2. Agricultural Health
  3. Biological Sciences
  4. Clinical Development
  5. Clinical Testing
  6. Drug Development
  7. Environmental Health
  8. Expert Testimony
  9. Food Science
  10. Forensics
  11. Industrial Hygiene
  12. Industrial Product Development
  13. Industrial Process Control
  14. Investigations Relating to Biological Sciences and Engineering
  15. Laboratory Medicine
  16. Legal Service Support
  17. Medical Devices Manufacturing
  18. Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing
  19. Public Health
  20. Regulatory Compliance
  21. Research
  22. Standards
  23. Criteria Development

For our sponsors.

These services are provided by the hour, by the day or on a retainer basis. It may be in the form of formal presentations for the senior management of an organization, for supervisors in their day-to-day operations or an occasional conference with special customers or suppliers. Consultation may also take the shape of an expert opinion, recommendation, advice, negotiation, or representation on behalf of our sponsors. It may also be an in-depth discussion on a single topic of interest held at sponsors’ facilities or it may be an extended over-the-phone conversation on a host of subjects of interest to our sponsor.

There is no charge or obligation for an initial inquiry to evaluate our suitability or to obtain a price quote for this purpose, of course.