Dedicated to Excellence

Biosystems has over twenty-five years of project experience, including 12,500 projects completed for 800 sponsors, both governmental and non-governmental. Due to confidentiality requirement of our company policies, no detailed information may be provided about private sponsors. However, public information on public sponsors, including services rendered, term period, dollar amounts, personnel involved, identifying contract numbers, issuing office, contacts and telephone numbers for major contracts with them is available upon request. Similarly, references are available on request for other customers, clients and sponsors.

The nature and disciplinary areas of these contracts are as diverse as our sponsors, varying from individuals, small business, commerce, institutions, organizations, national, state and local governments to Fortune 500 companies. Services provided vary from on-site monitoring for food safety, environmental health, epidemiology, industrial hygiene, microbiology, public health and toxicology evaluation in the field, quality control and quality assurance of raw materials or finished products in customer plants to R&D in our laboratories. Similarly, duration and dollar amounts may also considerably vary.

Technical personnel for these projects usually included one or more project managers and senior scientists (PhD/MD) who were assisted by one or more scientists/technicians, etc.