National health surveys show three main avoidable sources of common allergy, sickness and serious illnesses:

  1. Unclean air
  2. Unclean water
  3. Unclean food

Unseen conditions may develop in any family home to cause critical problems; especially troublesome for those with young children, elderly, or patients with suppressed immune systems.

If left undetected and uncontrolled, common contaminants such as bacteria and molds build up to dangerous levels and cause disease of family members and pets.

Accurate and Affordable Biological Solution

Biosystems Atlanta’s inexpensive lab tests can monitor the health of your home.

Air, water, and food from your home environment will be checked in our laboratory to determine if they are free of common contaminants.

Testing is the peace-of-mind you can purchase to assure yourself that your family home continues to provide a clean, safe environment for the health and happiness of your family members.

All tests meet the international and national standards, and are conducted by highly trained science professionals. No charge for an initial consultation. Competitive fees and volume discounts.